Is Glycophosphopeptical compatible with breastfeeding? Do we have alternatives for Glycophosphopeptical?


December 21, 2013 (Very Low Risk)

Compound elaborated by the association of a polysaccharide (glucomanan) obtained from Candida utilis and a glutamine-enriched protein obtained from non-germinal seeds of Ricinus communis supported on an inorganic matrix of calcium sulfate and phosphate.

Its efficacy as Immunomodulator has not been proved. It is a product of nil or scanty usefulness that could be entirely avoided.


We do not have alternatives for Glycophosphopeptical since it is relatively safe.

Very Low Risk

Compatible. Not risky for breastfeeding or infant.

Low Risk

Moderately safe. Mild risk possible. Follow up recommended. Read the Comment.

High Risk

Poorly safe. Evaluate carefully. Use a safer alternative. Read the Comment.

Very High Risk

Not recommended. Cessation of breastfeeding or alternative.


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