Is Abacavir compatible with breastfeeding? Do we have alternatives for Abacavir?


September 30, 2015 (Very Low Risk)

Anti-HIV drug which is indicated for children older than 3 mo.

The amount excreted into breast milk is minimal. Plasma levels have failed to be found in breastfed infants of treated women

Mothers must be adviced that transmission of HIV infection by breastfeeding has been documented. However, mothers treated with Abacavir are at lower risk of HIV transmission through breastfeeding.


We do not have alternatives for Abacavir since it is relatively safe.

Very Low Risk

Compatible. Not risky for breastfeeding or infant.

Low Risk

Moderately safe. Mild risk possible. Follow up recommended. Read the Comment.

High Risk

Poorly safe. Evaluate carefully. Use a safer alternative. Read the Comment.

Very High Risk

Not recommended. Cessation of breastfeeding or alternative.


  • Abacavir Sulphate
  • Abacavirum
  • Abakavir


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