Is Altretamine compatible with breastfeeding? Do we have alternatives for Altretamine?


October 13, 2018 (Very High Risk)

Drug is cleared from the body in 7 elimination half-lives.

Resuming breastfeeding is likely safe after 3 pump-and-dump days. Regular milk expression and disposition to keep production and avoiding breast plethora or mastitis is desirable.

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We do not have alternatives for Altretamine.

Very Low Risk

Compatible. Not risky for breastfeeding or infant.

Low Risk

Moderately safe. Mild risk possible. Follow up recommended. Read the Comment.

High Risk

Poorly safe. Evaluate carefully. Use a safer alternative. Read the Comment.

Very High Risk

Not recommended. Cessation of breastfeeding or alternative.


  • Αλτρεταμίνη (Greek)
  • ألتريتامين (Arabic)
  • Альтретамин (Cyrillic)
  • 六甲蜜胺 (Chinese)
  • アルトレタミン (Japanese)
  • C9 H18 N6 (Molecular formula)
  • 2,4,6-Tris(dimethylamino)-1,3,5-triazine; N2,N2,N4,N4,N6,N6-Hexamethyl-1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine (Chemical name)
  • L01XX03 (ATC Code/s)


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